When I interviewed with a PR firm about a job several years ago, I did my homework to research all of their clients. I discovered that I knew a key person in each organization. I made a point of rattling off their names in the interview to demonstrate my credibility.

For a second I was stunned by the comeback reply: “I know you do, because I checked, and they all know you.”

Now, this is not about me “humblebragging,” instead, it is my approach to helping you improve the public perception and understanding of your organizations.

Public Relations is the practice of helping you and your public gain a mutual understanding about each other.

Really, this means my goal is to help you engage with your key audiences. What do you know about them, what do they know about you?

How does the public perception of your organization influence their buying decisions?

How does you reputation compare with your competitors? Do you know?

When a donor is writing checks at the end of the year, where does your non-profit rank in their list of charities worthy of their support? Do you know?

In times of trouble who can you turn to as friends and supporters? Do you know? Who would stand with you in a crisis?

What is the reservoir of goodwill about your company or organization?

Years ago, in the midst of a crisis situation at a nearby hospital, I heard the board chair tell an audience: “I got a call from a major donor this morning who said, ‘Your white hat is invisible.’”

As your public relations counsel, I can help you understand where you stand in the community, and what to do about it.

Public Relations is about more than sending out regular news releases. I know. More than three decades of experience can help you hear what you need to hear.

By the way: I got the job.



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